Monte Riddles & Raffles at Nikos incl meals ±R490pp

Monte Riddles & Raffles at Nikos 

Team Building Johannesburg at Nikos in Montecasino includes all refreshments, meals, and fun team building activities. The set menu at Nikos include a choice of 300g Sirloin, Tomahawk Pork Steak, Fillet Steak, Whole Spatchcock Chicken, Village Greek, Fried Calamari, and a Prawn and Calamari Combo

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Team Building Facilitators
All our facilitators have been vaccinated, please also follow the "corona protocols". Ksmart boost with the top team building facilitators since 2010, and their allowance include Uber, refreshments, and all restaurant meals.

Coffee and Pastries at Café Fego

Fun Group Activities, and Dividing Teams
The entire group do fun activities, at some time the mix of buddies and friends will be split apart. Activities include People to People, Shoot Me Down, Kissing the Baby, Finger Grab, Knee to Knee, Kneck to Kneck etc. Then everybody get a number. All the “number 1’s” would be in a team, and all the “number 2’s” in another team, etc. About ten people per team works great for a team building event.

Monte Treasure Hunt (less 1km)
Teams get a set of pics and have to find the word "Amazing Race". Each letter represents a number, and teams would solve riddles to unlock the eleven digit vault.

Riddles & Raffles
hilarious quiz entailing celebrities, icons, brands, logos, music, tradition, comedians, current affairs, romance etc.

Set Menu at Nikos
The set menu include 300g Sirloin (R165), Tomahawk Pork Steak (R146), Fillet Steak (R199), Whole Spatchcock Chicken (R163), Village Greek (R52), Fried Calamari (R159), Prawn and Calamari Combo (R199)

Halal Meals are Available and Included in this Package

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