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Team Building Johannesburg Zoo

Team Building Johannesburg at the Johannesburg Zoo

Team Building Johannesburg Zoo
Team Building Johannesburg at the Johannesburg Zoo in an Amazing Race and Survivor is an outdoor team building package in Johannesburg with Low Physical Requirements that are fit for all ages.

About Ksmart - Fun, Passion, Energy
We love good tasty food and big healthy portions of meat! Ksmart is the top team building company in Joburg and the licensed team building company at Gold Reef City. Ksmart is also a proud sponsor of the annual Gold Reef City CANSA day. Ksmart is a Sole Prop with a network of owner operated team building companies.
Halaal - we supply halaal and vegetarian meals at all our venues. We regret, bring your own Kosher and Gluten Free Meals. 

Our Ksmart Facilitators
Our Facilitators have been with Ksmart since 2010. These guys deserve the best, they use Uber, refreshments, and they get a full restaurant meal. The reason why Ksmart is such a successful brand is because of them. Fun, passion, energy, different, funny, smart, respect and unique loveable individuals. You will love them!!!

Charge your phone the previous night, you will take lots of pics, and you may need a little Wi-Fi and data.

Safe and Private VIP Parking inside the zoo with a designated guard.

Dawie’s Zoo Review about the Joburg Zoo (May 2022)
Guys, I was so surprised compared how it looked before COVID and post Covid - massive upgrades, and happy staff. Stunning, clean, green, well maintained gardens, new tables and chairs, and the animals are happy!

Your Venue
The Anglo Lapa’s are huge rondawels “on top” of the lion enclosure. 
Don’t be surprised if the lions come snooping for a snack at the huge windows. Definitely not a 5-star venue, but wow!

Moderate music is allowed, this is a zoo. We will bring a portable speaker for background music.

Bring your own alcoholic beverages. Ksmart does not have a liquor licence. Hey guys, please remember, girls don’t like drunk blokes.

Itinerary - Joburg Zoo Golf Cars and Krispy Kremes

08h30 - Sealed Nescafe, Jacobs, Romany Creams and Toasted Cheeses (no ham, no pork). We need an early start to grab all the golf cars at 09h00 when they open! Bring along a take-away coffee. Take the Nescafe and Jacobs home after the event, it’s yours.

±09h00 The Ultimate Amazing Race on Golf Cars
Use your imagination and take selfies in an Amazing Race around the world. After the event, use the pics to make a collage for the office. Brilliant and hilarious!

Pokèmon Escape Room
Our new top seller Escape Room. Collect all the “Pokies” to unlock a digital safe. Easy, adrenaline rush, drama, treasure hunt and loads of laughter!

11h00 - Refreshments; Tinkies and Stilled Water

±11h20 Survivor
- Hula Hoop Race - tricky but loads of laughter
- Cross the River Blindfolded - in this adrenaline rush you have guide your blindfolded colleagues to the other side. The highlight is probably to watch everybody scream instructions to one blindfolded person (great photo opportunity).
- Newspaper Conveyer Belt - teams have to build a Newspaper Conveyer Belt and race by climbing inside the belt, and walk as a team or the belt will break. Low physical, fit for all ages, and teamwork at it best!

13h00 - Lunch Halaal Braai, Rolls, and Six Assorted Salads, and Krispy Kremes. 
The braai consist of Tenderized Steak, Wors and Skinless Chicken Pieces basted with Jimmy’s Sauce (halaal). All meat from the Laudium Halal Butchery or the Forsmay Muslim Butchery - ask for the receipt. We have bought a new gas braai exclusively for our halaal patrons (no pork ever never), just to double your piece of mind, we braai the meat on tinfoil. 
We use only new braai utensils (yours, take them home after the event), strong new quality plastic plates, and sealed chrome plastic cutlery. Our Ksmart Founder has travelled the East thoroughly at numerous times and has first-hand experience regarding halaal catering.

14h00 - Depart at Leisure. The zoo closes at 17h00

±14h00 Optional:
  • How to Fix Your Personal Life and When to Speak to HR, a humorous 45min talk by Priscille in her Pajamas. Highly inspirational and utterly brilliant!
  • Fun Quiz with Truth or Dare and Minute to Win It
  • Hilarious Ice Breakers and Fun Group Activities (laughter guaranteed)

Team Building Johannesburg

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