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Survivor Team Building Gold Reef City

Survivor Gold Reef City

Survivor Team Building Gold Reef CitySurvivor Team Building Gold Reef City is one of the most popular Team Building activities in Johannesburg. Quotes for the Survivor Gold Reef City include parking, entrance, Thrill Ride bracelets, arrival Coffee & Muffins, Bottled Water, and a Build-a-Burger with beef or chicken, served with salads and chips.

Survivor Team Building at Gold Reef City

09h00 Arrival Coffee & Giant Muffins
Meet at the Theme Park Hotel. Ice Breakers and Funny Group Activities. We will divide everybody in ±10 people per team.

09h20 Gold Reef City String Bags
Same colour for each team

09h30 - Survivor Island Hopping
Teams have to race from “one island to the next island”, and without feet touching the “water”. This is a race against the whistle, and teams get points for each person that landed on an “island”. This event is soaked with adrenaline – however, the obstacle course is only 50 meters long. Our Survivor Games include the Carper Race, Plank Race, Sack Race, Bubble Wrap Race, and Island Hopping.

  • Carpet Race – teams have to jump forward in synch to propel to the next “island”.
  • Plank Race – everybody have to walk in sync to the next “island”
  • Sack Race – try and get as many people across at once
  • Bubble Wrap Race – teams climb in a huge conveyer belt made from Bubble Wrap, and have to walk in sync to the next “island”.
  • Island Hopping – each team only get a few carpets, and must walk across by stepping only on the carpets. Meaning, the last person in the que must always pass the last carpet to the front to keep the motion going to the finish line.

11h00 – Bottle Water

The Big 6 Thrill Rides
The Big 6 Thrill Rides - teams have to fierce the Top 6 rides - Anaconda, Golden Loop, Miners Revenge, Dream Boat, High Flying Maverick and the Storm Chaser. After lunch, you can go on more rides at leisure.

12h20 Treasure Hunt
Each team get a Treasure Map, and the treasures are market with Invisible Ink. You also get an UV Torch. Find as many of these treasures for bonus points.

13h00 Built-a-Burger
Boys and Girls, these are huge Tsogo Sun burgers, a choice between beef and chicken, served with salad and fries. In the TV series “Survivor”, the winning team always wins a burger – not a buffet! One Soft Drink per person. Soft drinks include 340ml Coke, Sprite etc.

14h00 - Watch 4D Movie
The entire group go watch the 4D movies, usually a cartoon with 3D glasses that is amplified with wind, water and rocking chairs.

14h15 Winners Announced and Depart at Leisure
Theme Park closes at 17h00, enjoy some more Thrill Rides

Survivor Gold Reef City is a race against time, and the team with the most points will be crowned the winner. The Survivor Team Building at Gold Reef City have some physical requirements, but is fit for all ages. Survivor Gold Reef City is the Top Survivor Team Building Activity in Johannesburg.

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