Team Building Johannesburg Zoo

Team Building Johannesburg Zoo

Team Building Johannesburg Zoo in a Cook around the World, each team are allocated a country to and must bring their own Gazebo, Camping Chairs and Decorations View Pics

Team Building Johannesburg Zoo

Cook Around The World

08h45 - Arrival
Entrance (and Parking) inside the Jhb Zoo - Use the Jan Smuts Ave entrance

09h00 - Coffee and Pastries
Arrival Coffee, Pastries & Muffins

09h15 – Ice Breakers
Hilarious Group Activities. Group Dynamics

09h30 – Amazing Race Imagination
Teams take "selfies" with various abstract background, i.e. Barack Obama, Traffic officers, Angelina Jolie, Julius Malema etc.

10h30 - Amazing Race Riddles
Teams take "selfies" with various background in a riddle, i.e. Lions, Sharks, Panda Bears etc.

11h00 - Refreshment Break (Halal Friendly)
Assorted Sandwiches AND Assorted Liqui Fruit® (one per person)

11h00 - Potjiekos
Potjiekos Mystery Boxes  - Each team are allocated a country; India, Thailand, China, USA etc... teams receive a Mystery Box with Herbs, Spices, Utensils and gas braais with potjies, but not all the boxes have the same ingredients and have to trade ingredients. One team will get the tomatoes and pepper, while the other team the onions and salt...

Meat (halaal, Forsmay Muslim Butchery, 011 838 5720 or Laudium Muslim Halal Butchery, 012 374 3415) - lamb, beef, chicken, wors; total ±250g per person
Herbs & Spices -i.e. basil, turmeric, bay leaves, capers, cardamom, chives, cloves, fennel, garlic, jasmine, nutmeg, oregano, paprika, saffron, curry, thyme, turmeric etc

13h00 - Lunch
Lunch Soft Drinks - Coke OR Sprite (one per person). Bring own alcohol
Judging - one person from each team is chosen as a judge, that person must select a criteria, i.e. taste, texture, presentation etc. Each judge must select a different criteria

14h00 – Winners Announced
Lunch is served and winner announced. Cutlery & Plastic Crockery (halaal), Potjies are served with Garlic Rolls, Baby Potatoes, Gravy and Salads

14h00 – Depart at Leisure